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Congratulations to Georgina Zeng

Georgina Zeng was recognized as the new Sampson-Duplin Realtors Council President at the Cape Fear Realtors Association Inaugural Gala event on Friday January 10th, 2020 in Wilmington, N.C. This wonderful event recognized the new 2020 Association officers. This wonderful event recognized the new 2020 Association officers.

The Cape Fear Realtors Board of Directors serves to be the utmost innovative real estate resource and advocates for their members and community. They are a professional REALTOR alliance that works together to protect, advocate, and promote real property ownership and investment.

Many members of the ELC Real Estate team came out to celebrate Georgina's accomplishment.

President of the Duplin-Sampson Council

Georgina will be taking on the role of the President of the Duplin-Sampson Council. Her duties include:

  • Speaking with one voice to:

- advance issues, public policies, and candidates that will build strong communities;

- promote a vibrant business environment

- protect the quality of life in our communities

  • Promoting the value that a stable, sound, and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities

  • Educating elected officials on how their decisions impact real property owners

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