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Georgina Zeng Appointed to Economic Development Commission

On Monday May 2nd, the Sampson County Board of Commissioners approved the Economic Development Commission (EDC) Advisory Board's recommendation for Georgina Zeng to serve on the Advisory Board for a three year term running from June 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025. Over the next three years, Georgina will be helping advance greater economic development throughout the county. The mission of this important group of people is to serve as a catalyst and resource for business development and growth in Sampson County with the vision to make Sampson County a leader in growth and diversification of business and industry.

This newest recognition is further demonstration of Georgina's willingness to lending her time and talents towards serving our community. Please join the rest of us at ELC Real Estate as we celebrate our leader's accomplishment as she takes on this next challenge!

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