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ELC Welcomes new Realtor

Nocles Mesinord

was born and raised in Haiti but moved to the Miami, Fl in the early 2000s. Shortly after graduating college, he moved to Clinton NC in 2008. The roles and experiences of realtors intrigued him from the moment he became familiar with the occupation. Based on this initial interest, Nocles took the initiative of utilizing any opportunity to learn about the Real Estate industry. After purchasing his first property, he developed a strong connection with his realtor, and now coworker, Georgina Zeng. She served as a guiding figure on his path to becoming a realtor, helping him recognize and further value the trust clients place on their realtors. His aim with future clients, is to continually build on and exceed those expectation. Nocle’s skills in communication are drawn from his 22 years of work experience in customer client relations. The culmination of his experiences and intrinsic drive have instilled in him the discipline it takes to help build the most powerful real estate team in Clinton NC. In his personal life, he is the proud husband of Louisenette Mesinord and proud father of 3 beautiful children, Jessica, Jayden, and Kendrick. He also enjoys traveling the world, spending time with his loved ones, and is thankful to now call Clinton home.

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