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A Bit About Me

Jason has certainly made Sampson County his home.  Living and working in the Clinton for the last 25 years, he has fully immersed himself into the community. With involvement in school, church, civic organization and industry, he has an advantage of understanding the communities that make up Sampson County.  With experience in quality assurance and engineering in the local industry, Jason will put his work ethic and drive for excellence to work for you.


Jason is a graduate of NC State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He is a proud father and husband with a strong value system. “Whether you are looking for investment property, the home of your dream, a house at lake, or to list your home for sale, I can help you through the process with confidence in your decision.” 


Jason is well familiar with White Lake property histories, owning in that area. He is knowledgeable about hunting or farming tracks from Harrells and Garland to Faison and Newton Grove. He can identify what you are looking for.  He understands the special features and various advantages of each Clinton neighborhood.  He can help you find the environment in which you want to raise your family. With his engineering background and experience in home improvement, he can identify feasible solutions for those wanting to build sweat equity and tackle a fixer upper. And for those wanting to tap into the local economy, Jason can connect you to commercial and business resources you need to be successful. Let Jason and ELC be your real estate solution!


"Jason is awesome"


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